Location land in Fortaleza

Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceará, located in Northeastern Brazil. Important tourist center, commercial and financial, is one of the three most important cities of the region together with Recife and Salvador.

The city has 2.5 million inhabitants and is the fifth-largest in the country.
Its main tourist attraction are its 34 kilometres of beach with fine sands. Among the most famous we find the Praia do Tabuba, la do Futuro and Iracema with high dunes and warm waters.

In addition, the municipality of Fortaleza is the tenth richest city in Brazil and the richest of the Northeastern region, with the seventh highest purchasing power parity in the country.

The capital accounts with the International Airport Pinto Martins with 6.3 million passengers in 2015, making it one of the busiest in the Northeast region.

Market of great potential for tourism, it represents an excellent opportunity for investors and highlights for the tourist resorts of high quality with all kinds of services for customers and also as a second residence for foreigners.


The field is located in the town of Tabuba 40 km northwest of Fortaleza in the municipality of Caucaia, and only 20 minutes from the International Airport Pinto Martins and 6 and a half hours flight from Europ.

The land has a privileged location facing the sea on the first beach line. It is located only 5 km from the village of Cumbuco, kitesurfing paradise and has a reputation that attracts during the whole time of the year many local and foreign tourists.

In first line of sea, the main focus of the tourists in Praia de Tabuba, (Tabuba Beach), place of second residence forforeigners and where most of the Resorts and Hotels of the city are located.

Place of residential and tourist destination, endowed with all the infrastructures accurate, we found in the vicinity of the field of the numerous shopping and restaurant areas in the area, as well as schools for the practice of water sports.

Possible Project

The Company proposes for this field the development of a residential project with apartment buildings with a total of 109 units. The project, however, allows the modifications, as seems appropriate to the investor, it could also include a hotel development.

In accordance with the plan of development proposed, the area includes a total of 7.740 m2 of ground surface, developed with the following parameters:

Surface (m2) 7.740
Buildability (m2t) 9.420

Proposal of Investment

The Company offers this investment opportunity of the lands presented in this Briefing, that you can understand both the investment in the three proposed units as an investment package, as well as the possibility of acquiring each one independently.

The grounds are located in the cities of Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte and in the city of Fortaleza. All of them located in strategic locations for investment, oriented to the execution of projects both for residential and hotel tourism.

In recent years, Brazil has consolidated its position as a global strong and attractive country , with a high degree of economic development, being currently the ninth largest economy in the world. The economic development that has been maintained during these years has given rise to a very competitive market, to an increase of social equality and a stable institutionally.

. All of these factors make Brazil a safe place, highlighting sectors such as oil, natural gas, and the generation of energy with great potential, as well as the real estate market in particular, as an attractive option for investment.

Brief history of the company

D'OR HOLDING EGYPT LLC, Egyptian company of limited responsibility, subsidiary of the Spanish company d´Or Holding Division International, S.L., of commercial nature and constituted under the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt in year 2007, with the objective to work as developer, construction company and seller of apartments

The Company currently has three land in Bulgaria. One of the land is located in the city of Varna, resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, tourist and business destination, land presented as an investment opportunity in this document.

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