Arab republic of egypt

Egypt, as classified in “Economist Intelligence Unit” (EIU, Economist Group), is considered as one of the emergent markets of XXI century, characterized by its potential growth, high population with more than 82 million citizens and its geographical strategic location between Asia, Africa and Europe, being the key country at Suez Canal. .

All described above, plus having skill labor and the lowest production cost at the Mediterranean, makes Egypt as specially attractive enclave for world wide investors due to long term economic growth of its market.

The sun and beach tourism has great potential in Egypt, being the main markets Russia, UK, Germany and Ukraine. Egypt receives a total of 9.6 million of international tourists (World Tourism Organization -OMT-UNWTO- July 2016). .

Access to one of the main markets in the world, a diversified economy, skilled labor, and very competitive energy supply , together with being one of the leading tourism countries in the world, makes Egypt as a great investment opportunity.


The city of Cairo is the capital of Egypt, the largest city in the Arab world with 18 million citizens in the metropolitan area and 8,2 million citizens in the city of Cairo. Located at the bank and islands of Nile River, at the south of the delta, has an international airport, the second of all Africa in terms of total passengers, with an average of 14 million passengers a year.

The plot is located in the most exclusive area of the city, in Avenue Charles de Gaulle, one of the main roads of the city. In front of the plot, The Zoo of Giza and Botanic Garden are located. Nearby the plots, you can find the embassy of Austria, Embassy of France and Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Area of special touristic interest, right next to the Nile river, where many boat restaurants are located inside the river, as well as very well connected to the main touristic areas of the city such as Manial Museum or Modern Art Museum, as well as “Cairo Tower”, “The Opera House” and “Casino”. In the same Avenue Charles de Gaulle we can find Four Seasons Hotel at the First Residence Cairo.

Possible Project

The Company has a development proposal for a project that includes the construction of a 5* category hotel with offices and a luxury shopping center in the basement of the same hotel building. The project allows the construction of 12 heights, however if it is a unique project, the planning regulations allows up to 36 heights, which may include both residential and hotel rooms, shopping center and offices. The residences can share the common areas of the hotel and use their services. However, the project supports modifications, as it deems the investor.

Surface area (m2) 2.957
construction (m2t) 69.810

Proposal of Investment

The company offers the opportunity to acquire one or two areas, located in the most important country in terms of tourism, such as Cairo and Hurghada cities., Both located in privileged areas of the city for its great tourism potential.
Terrenos que presentan una excelente ocasión de negocio en estas regiones del país.

Invertir en Egipto es una excelente oportunidad dada la situación geográfica estratégica que hace que los principales mercados globales en Europa, Oriente Medio, África y el subcontinente indio sean fácilmente accesibles.

El Ministro de Turismo ha propuesto como objetivo de su estrategia aumentar el número de turistas hasta 20 millones de turistas en 2020, y lograr un ingreso turístico de 26 mil millones de dólares, y también de 260 millones de noches de turistas. La estrategia apunta a alcanzar el 34% como cuota de Egipto en el turismo árabe, así como el 1,4% de cuota en el turismo mundial.

La recuperación que está viviendo el país está contribuyendo a que mejoren las perspectivas para el turismo. Más del 80% de los turistas que visitan Egipto lo hacen a las zonas de costa, pero el turismo cultural es el de más duración y genera unos ingresos superiores para el país.

Breve historia de la compañia

MARINA D’OR, EGYPT LLC, Egyptian company of limited responsibility, subsidiary of the Spanish company d'Or Holding Division International, S.L., of commercial nature and constituted under the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt in year 2007, with the objective to work as developer, construction company and seller of apartments.

The company has two plots in the country. One of them located in the city of Cairo, capital of the country. And the other plot in the principal touristic area of the country, Hurghada.

Egypt Office:  

  • 13 El Themar St. Mohandesin, 3rd floor
  • Giza, CP: 12311
  • Cairo