Egypt Project


The city of Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most important touristic cities in Egypt, located by the Red Sea, it stretches about 36 kilometers along the sea

Although the city has its own industry, the national and international tourism is the most important economic motor, because of its spectacular scenery, its dry weather all year long, and long natural beaches. The waters are calm and clear, becoming a destination of water sport lovers, specially divers. .

The city has its own International Airport, that receives a total of 7.3 million passengers per year, mainly tourist. (AENA and CAMPAS, year 2013). .


The plot is located in a very interesting area because it has a direct access to the beach.

Area of different resorts, nearby the city center, where you can find touristic resorts such as:

  • Festival Riviera de 4*

  • Hotel Club Calimera 4*

  • The Three Corners Resort 4*

  • Panorama Bungalows Resort, among others

Posible Proyecto

The company proposes a development of a project with the construction of a building with 700 units. Nevertheless the projects admits changes according to investor´s needs.

According to the development plan proposed, there is a total surface area of the plot of 30.000 m2 distributed as follows: :

Surface area (m2) 30.000
Construction (m2t) 67.496

Proposal of Investment

The company offers the possibility of buying one or both plots, located in the most important touristic cities of the country, Cairo and Hurghada, both located in the best areas of the cities with tremendous touristic potential. This plots represent a great business opportunity for investors .
plots that have excellent business opportunity in these regions..

Investing in Egypt is an excellent opportunity due to its strategic geographical situation, with easy accessibility to global markets such as Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as India.

The Ministry of Tourism has proposed an strategy to increase the number of tourist to 20 million in 2020, and achieve touristic income of 26 thousand million dollars, as well as 260 million of touristic nights. The strategy heads to achieve 34% of market share in the Arab Tourism and 1.4% of world wide tourism

The recovery of the country is helping to improve the perspectives for tourism. More than 80% of tourist that travel to Egypt go coastal areas, but the cultural tourism stays longer and generates more income to the country.

Breve historia de la compañia

MARINA D’OR, EGYPT LLC, Egyptian company of limited responsibility, subsidiary of the Spanish company d'Or Holding Division International, S.L., of commercial nature and constituted under the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt in year 2007, with the objective to work as developer, construction company and seller of apartments.

The company has two plots in the country. One of them located in the city of Cairo, capital of the country. And the other plot in the principal touristic area of the country, Hurghada.

Egypt Office:  

  • 13 El Themar St. Mohandesin, 3rd floor
  • Giza, CP: 12311
  • Cairo