The city of Varna

Varna is the biggest city in the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea, and the third biggest city in Bulgaria with 335.819 citizens, behind Sofia and Plovdiv. The city of Varna its located 470 Km. to the east of Sofia. Varna is the administrative core of the province. Known as ¨The capital of the Marine¨, is a destiny for tourists, business, university, port and the Bulgarian Navy headquarters. .

The business areas with highest development in the last years and attracts the majority of the international companies are: The industrial outsourcing either in consumer goods (textile and footwear), industrial goods (electronic components, machinery components) and services (banking, financial services, comercial distribution and touristic management)

According to the publication “Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency¨ of World Bank Group, Bulgaria appears in the world ranking 14th place as Investors Protection. (Doing Business 2016. World Bank).

The direct international investment possibilities are diverse due to the potentiality of this market, being the principal investor countries Austria, Holland, Germany, UK and Italy (National Bank of Bulgaria)


The plot is located in the ´Pobeda neighborhood¨, medium standing residential area at 2 kms from the center of the city. This district is also close to the “Northern Industrial Zone”, office and business centers area, being the economic core of the region, including machinery construction companies, chemical industry and shipbuilding industry. .

Nearby our plot you can find vocational training schools and the Varna Football Stadium and also two of the most important and modern malls of the city, “Varna Mall” and “Grand Mall”, as well as residential areas of medium standing with new projects under development.

The plot is well connected to the main roads of the city, such as the Boulevard Vladislav Varnenchik, with direct access to the International Airport of Varna, second biggest in the country and third in total volume of passengers.

Possible Project

The company proposes a residential development project. Nevertheless, the plot is certified in the General Urban Plan of Varna´s City Hall as mixed use, so the project can include the construction of offices, or mall, according to the investor needs.

According to the general development plan, the plot has a total surface area of 22.580 m2. The General Urban Plan under takes the following parameters:

- Occupation = 60 %
- Building Coefficient (Kint) = 5,00

The project to be developed can achieve a total constructed area of  112.900 m2 roof .

Proposal of Investment

The company proposes the opportunity to buy the plot located in the city of Varna, which principal characteristics are the total surface of the area and total m2 roof that could be developed. There are not similar plot with this characteristics in the city with mixed use certification, so part of the construction could be residential, and part offices or mall, or factory and offices. Such diversity of options makes this a great business opportunity of investment.

Land well located and connected to the main roads of the city, classified by the General Plan Planning of the City of Varna and mixed use so it can allocate part residential and part offices or trading center, as well as companies production and offices, presents an excellent opportunity for business in this region.

Investing in Bulgaria is an excellent opportunity as it has a tax system that is the most favorable in Europe, with a Corporation Tax of 10%, the lowest in the European Union. This advantages, together with the low cost of human labor, makes Bulgaria a great investment opportunity country for international investors.

Brief history of the company

D'OR HOLDING EGYPT LLC, Egyptian company of limited responsibility, subsidiary of the Spanish company d´Or Holding Division International, S.L., of commercial nature and constituted under the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt in year 2007, with the objective to work as developer, construction company and seller of apartments

The Company currently has three land in Bulgaria. One of the land is located in the city of Varna, resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, tourist and business destination, land presented as an investment opportunity in this document.

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